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Business Consultancy with a Social Impact.

The main focus of HAR-CHE Business Solutions (HCBS) is to provide a one-stop, full-service offering for Western industrial companies, with a focus on mining, as well as others who are considering and interested in entering new African markets;  We enable companies to work effectively and sustainably.

HCBS offers a bespoke, turnkey solution, with three integrated phases of consulting, providing clients with:

A clear understanding of the market and market entry.

A detailed assessment of opportunities and risks

Superior risk management if they decide to pursue expansion in that country

Strong relationships with local communities and government in order to achieve their investment objectives

Our Three Phases Of Consulting Work

Early Stage

Market exploration services

Market entry strategy


Assessment of ongoing opportunities and risks


Understanding of the local regulatory environment


Africa ESG Risks reports, planning and management 

Pre Commitment Phase

Structuring services

Introduction to community and government


Business registration


Assistance with local office setup


Assistance with local recruitment 

Post Commitment phase

Execution services

End to end implementation support


On the ground problem solving


Contract management and negotiation


Building relationships with the local community and government


​24/7 customer service support and contact.

Image by Ruthson Zimmerman

We can also arrange for the preparation of  an independent report on local community relations and benefits, from pre-activity to post-activity.

The Har-Che Business Solutions difference is real; seasoned staff with the language and business skills to distinguish our operation. 

Within our group we can offer:

Key african countries at the forefront of international investment oppurtunitues
Years of experience across our consultants
Languages spoken including 4 European and 10 African languages
Construction Managers
About Us

Investing in Africa without professional advice and local support can be high-risk and could significantly increase exposure for your capital, staff and reputation.


We offer our clients - existing and prospective - an integrated, proficient and experienced support service for each stage of their journey.

If you want to ensure your investment delivers the projected returns and your Corporate Social Responsibility goals you need Har-Che Business Solutions every step of the way.

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