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Is energy in China about to collapse? Could Africa be an alternative solution?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Africa energy

Is #energy in #China about to #collapse? Could #Africa be an #alternative #solution?

China power shortages threaten global supply chaos, experts warn dwindling energy supplies threaten to #destabilise #global supply chains.

#Businesses must start thinking about an alternative solution, and Africa could be that alternative solution or even a potential competitor.

Even though the continent faces serious #infrastructure #gaps, including energy, road and rail transportation, and water infrastructure.

Africa is rich in #renewable energy sources, including #hydro, #sun, #wind and others, and the time is right for sound planning to ensure the right energy mix.

According to recent UN forecasts, the continent is expected to double its population by 2050, from 1 billion to nearly 2.4 billion inhabitants. Half of that population will be less than 25 years old.

If Africa sustains and accelerates structural reforms, some believe the continent can emulate China’s rapid rise of the last 50 years. #McKinsey predicts $5.6 trillion in African business #opportunities by 2025.

Most importantly Africa is just about two weeks away from #Europe by sea which is a huge advantage.

In HAR-CHE Business Solutions we believe that #FDI can really boost African economies and lead to sustainable development.

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