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Why Investing In Democratic Republic Of The Congo (DRC)?

Did you know?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is about 10 times bigger than United Kingdom; its forests alone are estimated to be the fourth-largest terrestrial carbon reservoir in the world.

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Investment Opportunities in DRC Congo

According to National Geographic, Congo has vast lands both in the north and south of the equator. This means there's a rainy season somewhere all the time; Congo is uniquely resilient to climate change.

And only a fraction of the country's arable land is currently used for cultivation.

There are 80 million hectares of uncultivated prime agricultural land; and Congo is home to the second biggest rainforest in the world.

Congo has the potential to feed up to two billion people. It could feed the whole of Africa even if the population keeps growing.

This country of central Africa is undoubtably one of the richest places in the world.

Recently it was reported in a bizarre discovery, villagers in Congo's Luhihi, located in the Kivu province, discovered gold in the soil of a mountain

DRC has potential natural mineral resources including COBALT, copper, cadmium, niobium, tantalum, petroleum, industrial and gem diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, germanium, uranium, radium, vanadium, bauxite, iron ore and coal.

According to Statista the Democratic Republic of the Congo has the largest cobalt reserves in the world, at some 3.5 million metric tons as of 2021. As the total global cobalt reserves amount to 7.6 million metric tons, this means that DR Congo's cobalt reserves account for nearly half of the world's reserves of the metal.

Almost 80% of the world's supply of Coltan is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The DRC is Africa's largest copper producer; its copper belt includes some of the highest-grade copper deposits in the world. In some reserves the grades are above 5%.

Chinese investors are particularly dominant in the DRC's copper and cobalt production in Haut Katanga and Lualaba areas.

Although the DRC has unlimited investment opportunities in the mining sector, there are more opportunities in other sectors as well. With a total population estimated to be 92.4 million, and only 17 million in Kinshasa.

You can find an opportunity in almost any field such as in Agriculture sector with product of exportation such as (Cotton, Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, and rubber), Energy sector, Transport, Industrial, Service sector such as (Micro-finance, bank, insurance, supply etc.)

Investing in Africa without professional advice and local support can be high-risk and could significantly increase exposure for your capital, staff and reputation.

We offer our clients - existing and prospective - an integrated, proficient and experienced support service for each stage of their journey.

Contact us now for an initial discussion and a confidential, risk-free review of your investment plans.

To be continued...

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